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Thursday, June 10, 2004
Finding The Forgotten Blog

    Wow, so long since the last time l went here!!! Can you believe l forgot it???? l made a change in my life, and now l'm at http://haddy7.weblogger.terra.com.br.
    But here it seems to be better, you know... you can choose the font, size, color...hummmmmm. Theres even a place to title!!!!!!
   l liked here ... :(( l wnat to come here, but... what can l do, l heve a whole world in there and l cant bring it to this one. Besides, l dont know why l stay writing here in english (ok, l remember my reasons) but l dont even know how to speak or write or whatever in this language!!!
   Once l tried to start a Haddy in blogdrive, but for some weird reason, l couldnt stand it. But its still on my mind. Lets see what lll do.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Wishing always The Best and sending good vibes

Posted at 01:11 am by izachristabel
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Monday, August 25, 2003
Why don't you come in to see?

    It can be or not a regular blog, here l'll put (or l'll try to) put everything l think about and mostly, what l feel, what l'm trying to say, is that this is more a Ab-reaction blog then other thing else. Later don't tell me l didn't advice you. Another thing is, don't mind about the english mistakes, l'm still learning this language. Thank you for have coming here, l hope you enjoy and think about some of the things you'll read in this crazy world so-called "a human mind".

Posted at 11:43 pm by izachristabel
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